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During 2005-2006, the Campton Historical Society installed historical site markers at 18 locations. Since then, we are continuing to add more. These were sponsored by individuals, given in memory of someone, or in the case of the District Schools, sponsored by the Campton PTA. This is to identify the specific locations to help you find and enjoy the reminders of our heritage.

Click map for a larger version showing the site marker locations.


Click here to for a printable version of site marker locations.    Mo, Larry, Curly and Company installing one of the site markers. Thanks to everyone involved in the many aspects of this project. From concept to reality it was a lot of work.


Site # Name of Site Brochure Pictures Description and Location
1 Campton Pond & Dam YES

At the intersection of N.H. Routes 49 and 175. This has been the site of several dams and bridges, that were very important in the development of Campton. They have served the logging, manufacturing, and recreational interests over the years.

2 Campton Upper Village YES   Generally identifies the area from route 49 northward on route 175. It includes that portion of route 175, Owl Street, Osgood Street, and Mad River Road.
3 Campton Town House YES Refurbished 1855 building plus Grange Hall, and carriage shed, housing the collections of the historical society. It is   located on Route 175 south, 3.7 miles from the traffic lights at the intersection of route 49.
4 Campton Congregational Church YES  

Located on Route 175 south just north of Blair Road, and adjacent to the Town House.

5 Campton Baptist Church YES

Campton Baptist Church is in upper village - 1349 Rt. 175

6 Blair Covered Bridge YES   On Blair Road between U.S. Route 3 at exit 27 of I93, and N.H. Route 175

Click HERE for more information.

7 Bump Covered Bridge YES On Perch Pond Road, which is 2.9 miles south of the intersection of route 49, and left at the Eskimo Shop Antiques. Follow Perch Pond Road for 1.2 miles

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8 Turkey Jim's Bridge YES This covered bridge is on the property of the Branch Brook Campground. It is off N.H. Route 49, between routes I93 and U.S. 3.

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10 Blair Chapel and Woodlands YES  

Located on Route 3, just south of the intersection with Blair Road, at exit 27 of Route 93.

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Click here for the Blair Woodlands Natural Area Trail Guide

11 Town Pound YES   Located on Town Pound Road,  off U.S. Route 3, just north of I93 exit 27.
12 Beebe River Village YES   There are buildings remaining from a complete, self sustaining mill village of the lumbering and manufacturing era. It is off route 175 south, 2.2 miles from the traffic lights at the intersection of route 49.
14 Livermore Falls YES Remains of a water powered mill, spectacular waterfalls and views of historic “pumpkin seed” bridge. It is off U.S.  Route 3 south, 5 miles from the intersection of route 49. It is just before the town line of Plymouth.  A New Hampshire state historic site is just across the river off route 175, 1.7 miles north of route 175A in Holderness.
15 Campton Hollow YES   This marks the site one of the original settlements, which was the political, social, and geographic center of Campton. It also is the site of a nice waterfall that may be viewed by a difficult and potentially dangerous path. This is a one-mile section along Route 175 south. It starts at the “S” curves, 2.9 miles from the traffic lights at route 49, goes down the hill, over the j bridge, and past the historic Congregational Church.
16 Cemeteries YES The map and directions are on the brochure.


From a high of 14 District Schools in Campton at their peak, 8 are standing today. Most of them are now private homes. The Campton Elementary School PTA has sponsored Historic Site Markers for these buildings.  This brochure identifies their location. We request that you respect the privacy of the present owners, as you visit them .  Enjoy your tour, and  let yourself be transported back to an important time in the history of Campton.

S2 Center School


So named when this area around the Town House was the center of town. This is located on N.H. Route 175 south, at the intersection of Perch Pond Road. This is at the “S” curve where you will see the Chalet gift and antique shop. It is 2.8 miles from the traffic lights at Route 49.
S4 West Campton School YES (also known at one time as the Branch School), near Branch Brook.It is located on U.S. Route 3 just south of its’ intersection with N.H. Route 49.This building is now the New  Hampshire Home Craft shop.
S5 Bog School YES Named because of its’ location along Bog Brook.From exit 27 of Route I-93, go west on Bog Road for 3.8 miles to # 786. It is on your right.
S8 Hildreth School YES c Named for the primary family who attended it. Also known as Cooks Hill School. From N.H. Route 3, near the intersection of Route 49, take Ellsworth Hill Road for 1.5 miles. Just past the Armont Inn on your left, take Mason Road. The school is one mile up this road, on your right.
S9 Blair School YES   So named because of being in the Blair section of Campton. To find this building, go south on U.S. Route 3 from its’ intersection with Route 49 for 3.5 miles.  It is next to the Evergreen Knoll antique shop.
S10 West Road School YES At the highest point on Ellsworth Hill Road (see #  S8),  3 miles from Route 3, on your right.
S12 Lower Village School YES   The name of this  section of Town. It is located on Route 175 south from  Campton, just past the Lower Village Market, but across the street.
S14 Livermore School YES In the Livermore Falls section. Travel south on Route 175 from the traffic lights in Campton` for 5.6 miles. It is just before the Steeldust Horse Farm, on your left.

Brochures indicated are available at the society, and at the Waterville Valley Region Chamber of Commerce.