2007 Events Schedule

Free program meetings are usually held on the third Monday of each month except February, March, December. We are also planning to have "Open House/activities on selected weekends. These events are held at the Society Headquarters in the old Campton Town House on Rt. 175 in Campton Hollow. See the list of events below to see what is coming up next.

Mon. 4/30/07 “Cannon Shenanigans –New Hampshire’s Muster Days Traditions” Presented by Jack Noon of Warner, N.H.
Mon. 5/21/07 “Logging Railroads Along the Pemigewasset River” Author Bill Gove of Williamstown, Vt. discusses his most recent railroad book
Sat. 6/2/07 Fund Raising Concert and Pasta Supper, featuring Rodney Miller and David Surette
Mon. 6/18/07 “The Ballad Lives” presented by John Perrault on guitar - Traditional old world ballads and New England story songs.
Fri. 6/22/07 We are going to be hosting an oral history workshop for beginners - presenter Marcia Blaine of PSU on Friday June 22 6:00 pm at the CHS building. No cost or registration
Mon. 7/16/07 “Petticoat Patriot” by Joan Gatturna of Hingham, Ma. - The story of Deborah Samson Gannett, a woman in the Continental Army
Sat. 7/21/07 Leah Gray Day - take a personal tour of her house and/or take a tour of the Blair Woodland Natural Area across the street. There is a lot of history there that Campton Conservation Commission members will point out.
Sat. 7/29/07 LCHIP Day 9-5 Find out more about LCHIP on their web site.
Mon. 8/20/07 David Switzer, Prof. Emeritus at PSU presents “Bringing Home the Last of her Breed”  - A talk about the great age of sail, clipper ships, privateers and pirates
Mon. 9/17/07 “Treasures of New Hampshire” by Wesley Balla of the Museum of N.H. History - He will show highlights of objects and memorabilia of the N.H. Historical Society
Sat. 9/29/07 Annual Heritage Day and Silent Auction
Mon. 10/15/07 “Stark Decency, German Prisoners of War”, by Allen Koop of New Londan, NH - The experience of 300 WW2 prisoners of war in a small N.H. village
Mon. 11/19/07 “Winter Storytelling”, a look at seasonal holiday celebrations throughout history -  Michael Harris of Gilmanton, NH brings a blend of lore, laughter, song and story

This is also the annual meeting and election of officers.

December No program meeting


Changes can happen throughout the year.  PLEASE check the newspapers, or go to our web site for the latest information.