2020 Events Schedule

Free program meetings are usually held on the third Monday of each month except February, March, December. We are also planning to have "Open House/activities on selected weekends. These events are held at the Society Headquarters in the old Campton Town House on Rt. 175 in Campton Hollow. See the list of events below to see what is coming up next.

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Feb 8, Saturday

Potluck, Popcorn and a Free Flick potluck 5-6. movie 6:00ish
March, Mondays

Possibility of being rescheduled - keep checking back The “Who Doesn’t Love a Great Story” Writing Group

April 20, Monday Rescheduled for April 2021   Program night - Richard Adams Carey presents "In the Evil Day: Individual Rights, Town Government, and the Crime that Stunned the Nation"
May 18, Monday Rescheduled for May 2021   Program night - Dan Szczesny presents "Documentary Explores Characters of Mount Washington"
June 15, Monday Rescheduled for June 2021    Program night - Calvin Knickerbocker presnets "The Yankee Peddler in Early America"
July 20, Monday Rescheduled for July 2021    Program night - Hans Hug, Jr. presents "Wrecks of Winnipesaukee"
Aug 17, Monday Rescheduled for August 2021    Program night - Ray Anderson presents "Living at the Scandinavi Inn"
Sept 21, Monday Rescheduled for September 2021    Program night - David Govatski presents "White Mountain Forest Fires"
Oct 19, Monday Rescheduled for  October 2021    Program night - Margo Burns presents "The Capital Crime of Witchcraft"
Nov 16, Monday Rescheduled for November 2021    Program night - Jim Gleich and Jim Buttolph present "Life in the Circus" 



Changes can happen throughout the year.  PLEASE check the newspapers, or go to our web site for the latest information.