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Panoramas of CHS


Campton's 250th Celebration!

250th Celebrations!!!

Cellar Hole Walk 2011
Spring Concert 2011
Flag Day 2011
Old Home Day 2011
House Tour 2011
Holiday Concert and Cookie Swap 2011

Program Night (2010)
Cemetery Tour 2010
Old Home Day 2010
Spring Concert 2010

Program Night (2009)
Old Home Day 2009
Flag Day 2009
Spring Concert 2009
House Tour 2009

Program Night (2008)
Heritage Day 2008
Zimmerman House and Currier Art Museum Summer 2008
House Tours, Nature Walk and Potluck Lunch Summer 2008
Spring Concert 2008
Antique Appraisal Day Spring 2008

Spring Music Festival 2007
Leah Gray Day and Taping of WMUR's Chronicle
Heritage Day 2007



Bobbin at Beebe River poem

Three Covered Bridge Bike Tour

Tim and Arnold Blair Bridge CHS Presentation

Blair Area History (25 pages)

Blair Bridge Model

Campton Cane Guidelines

Sign Planting September 2006

Sign Planting July 2006

Bolo B-18 Presentation

Campton Garden Club

Marjorie Broad's Books

Campton Hotels

Campton Schools

Where are Schools Today

  Family Trees

Click here to download the free Standard Version of Legacy Family Tree.

Click here to download The Cook Family Tree compiled by Robert Mardin.