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Campton Historical Society
PO Box 160
Campton, NH 03223
Call: (603) 536-5140
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Paul Yelle, President

Brenda Boisvert, Vice President

Anita Downing, Secretary

Kathryn (Dede) Joyce, Treasurer

Brenda Boisvert, Curator

Virginia Stickney Erickson, Librarian

Nancy Mardin, Program Director

Tiffany Baert, Publicity


Tiffany Baert 

Mary Ellen Bourque

Barbara Currier

Shelley Thompson

Ann Verow

The present site of the Blair Bridge was originally a ford between sections of town. The first bridge was built in 1829, and was destroyed by an arsonist. The present bridge was erected in 1870, and includes one timber from the original. At 292' 10", it is the second longest covered bridge entirely within the boundaries of the state. It has 2 spans, and is of "long truss with arches" type of construction. The 4 corners were rebuilt in 1977 by the famous Milton Graton.  Blair is the last remaining bridge in New Hampshire constructed using Long's patented truss design.

The Town House on Route 175 is the Society's headquarters. Completed in 1855, it served as Town Hall, library, and municipal court. In 1910, renovations included adding tin walls, which are still there today. An extension for the Campton Grange #93 was added in 1912.

Also at this location, is the 1903 Carriage House, with space for the road agent. Today, it holds one of the valuable artifacts of the society, the 1889 Town Hearse. These buildings are presently being restored, and are being used to create exhibits, and to safely contain our valuable collections.

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