Walt Stockwell - Flag Day Event:

Americana Exhibit and old flag disposal ceremony



Hand outs   Displays   Visitors   Boy Scouts
        Cross of St. George Kings Colors British Red Ensign
Sons of Liberty Naval Jack Grand Union Taunton Bennington Betsy Ross
Hopkinson Green Mountain Boys Washington's Cruisers Fort Moultrie First Naval Jack Gadsden Philadelphia Light Horse
Serapis Cowpens Guilford Court House Commodore Perry Star Spangled Banner Great Star Easton
Alamo Freemont Confederate Battle Federal U.S. Bicentennial Declaration of Independance Bicentennial Statue of Liberty
September 11 Commemorative            

Links of interest to national flag organizations:
North American Vexillological Association www.NAVA.org
The Flag Research Center www.flagresearchcenter.com
National Flag Foundation www.americanflags.org